OakCreek Kids

oakcreekkidssquareMaking Jesus irresistible to kids!
We want to make each child’s time in OakCreek Kids as meaningful and welcoming as possible. Each of our volunteers has undergone a background check and will be wearing an OakCreek Kids Ministry badge. During your child’s time here, we will sing, play, and learn more about Jesus.

Check-In Procedures
All parents need to register each child at the OakCreek Kids welcome desk with the assistance of an OakCreek Kids Ministry Greeter. We will ask for each child’s name, known food allergies, and parent’s cell phone number (which will be used to contact you in case of an emergency). You will then receive a tag with your child’s name and any allergies on it to be placed on your child’s back and a second tag with a matching identification code for the parent. Upon pick up of your child you will show your tag and match it to the child’s to sign them out.

You are not required to put your children in these classes. We will make our ministries available, but you are always welcome to have your children participate in worship with you. You make the call.

Sunday Morning Children’s Ministries:
(Infants to Walkers)
(Walkers to Pre-K)
(Pre-K to Kindergarten ages 4-5)
Young Oaks (1st – 5th Grade)
Our Young Oaks stay with the adults through the music worship for the first 20 minutes. Then they go to the children’s area down the hall. Feel free to check-in your child with the OakCreek Kids Greeter before worship begins to see the classroom and meet the caring leaders.