1. How does OakCreek Bible Church practice baptism?
OakCreek practices believers baptism by immersion for those who have personally trusted Jesus to be their Savior. Yet in some cases other modes may be practiced. While we believe this is the most Biblically accurate manner of Baptism, we also understand that many fellow Christians hold differing views on this topic.
2. How often does OakCreek Bible Church celebrate communion?
OakCreek celebrates communion every Sunday. It is a great joy to realign ourselves to Christ every week by celebrating and proclaiming His death and resurrection until He comes. We believe the Scriptural evidence favors the practice of holding communion each week. (Acts 20:7, I Corinthians 11:23-26, 16:1).
3. How do I become a member?
The process for becoming a member includes three parts. First, a prospective partner should fill out the membership application that is available either at the information table or by downloading an application here. After a membership application is submitted, each prospective partner should meet with the pastor, elder, or designated person to ensure that personal relationship is established. The final step in the process of becoming a member is formal recognition before the OakCreek congregation. To find out more information about the expectations for members, please read the members application found in the link above.
4. Why have church membership?
Because we want our attenders to become co-laborers and partners with us in the gospel. Also, we have congregational voting on a few things so we desire for the voting members to be committed to Christ not just names on a roll. Further, we believe in practicing church discipline when necessary (Matt. 18:15-18) so the members need to know the policy and be committed to the policy.
5. Is OakCreek Bible Church associated with other churches?
OakCreek networks with the Evangelical Free Church of America. Each church is independent (there is no ruling hierarchy), yet we work together for a common purpose– to make followers of Jesus throughout the world. For more information visit efca.org.